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Life is Short, Work Somewhere Awesome

Our commitment is finding the best match for companies and candidates

BankingTalent is a premier banking and lending staffing firm guided by sourcing intelligence, client-centered values and the pursuit of excellent service.

We specialize in banking and lending institutions with 1 to 10 billion in AUM (Assets Under Management)

For over 10 years as part of our parent company Edward Daniels Group, we have provided executive, contingency, and temporary staffing solutions to banks, lending institutions, credit unions, and non-bank lenders. Our mantra is ABL, Always Be Learning. We are life long learners and teachers, that enjoy sharpening our skills and upgrading our toolbox so we can be at the top of staffing and provide the best service you have ever seen.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the extraordinary individuals and organizations who strive for excellence in banking and lending.

Our Expert Team

Our talent experts are always looking for ways to automate and improve so we can spend more time connecting with people. Combined with our people first attitude is what sets us apart from the competition.

Dan Holland

Practice Lead
Our practice leader and resident bread baker.

Ed Winstanley

Recruiting Manager
Heads up our recruitment strategy and master pizza maker.

Shrawan Khanna

Recruiting Manager
Talent extraordinaire by day, wine purveyor by night.

Grace Winstanley

Recruiting Manager
Find talent check, everything else check!